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About Spry

We Build Online Communities

The Spry Story

Spry started in 2011. (Happy 13 year anniversary!!)

We are founded on kindness. Our focus is SOCIAL MEDIA FOR GOOD.

We partner with you by asking questions and listening to the goals you have for your business. Together we build online communities – your online community – through generosity, trust, and impeccable strategy.

The Three C’s Spry Lives By

We Are Curious.

We follow our noses. We ask lots of questions.  We learn about our clients and each other, then we use what we learn to improve peoples’ lives and business’.

We Are Clever.

We Sprytes are as quick as foxes. We learn everything we can about a problem, then come up with an agile solution.

We Are Caring.

Our team believes in grace and growth.  We love each other and our clients and show up again and again for those we work with and serve. 

Business Owner Testimonial Image

Spry is my go-to tool in my digital toolbox. The team is wildly creative and takes on every project with excitement and that out of the box thinking that you need when it comes to creating engaging digital content.

~Derek Anderson


What is a Spryte?

Spryte [noun]

\ ˈsprīt \

plural: Sprytes

Definition of Spryte

1 a: Spry social media managers, who are known to be friendly, cheerful, extremely hardworking, and can do their jobs anywhere as long as there is a wifi signal.

b: an elfish person, who could work on a boat, plane, train, or couch.

2 a: a disembodied social media spirit: GHOST COMMUNITY SHEPHERDS

3 a: one who uses social media for good in their communities, who teaches about social media and gives of their social media knowledge freely.

b: also might give glitter, smiles and charm freely as well as social media knowledge

The Spry Team

Lacey, CEO

Lacey, CEO

Lacey, our inspired leader and Spry CEO, has a dance move for every moment and constantly thinks about making the best experience for our digital marketing clients.

Adrienne, Digital Strategist

Adrienne, Senior Digital Strategist

Adventurer and creative thinker. Adrienne has a background in user experience, storytelling and project management. She has a Masters in Digital Media and is an adjunct professor at SPSCC. 

Rachel, Marketing Manager

Rachel, Marketing Manager

Need a detailed and focused eye on your digital marketing, social media project? Rachel is your person! 

Amber, Digital Strategist

Amber, Digital Strategist

Excellent writer, party planner, and pun master; Amber makes projects efficient and campaigns engaging. She digs in to get her digital marketing clients the best results possible! 

Chad, Digital Media Specialist and Project Manager

Justine Calles, Digital Strategist

Justine is a creative jack-of-all-trades with a passion for putting it to good use. With a knack for writing, photography, and graphic design, she’s your digital content one stop shop and she’s here to help you find an authentic, honest voice for your target audience.

Lindy, Executive Assistant

Lindy, Executive Assistant

A natural problem solver, Lindy is always looking on the bright side and coming up with ideas to solve even the most difficult of problems. With a Bachelor’s in Human Development she is mindful of others experiences and helps keep our ship running smoothly. 

Seth, Website Developer

Seth, Website Developer

Seth’s positive attitude is visceral.  He brings joy and light into every project he touches.  Seth works on the Spry website, and helps make changes to the websites of Spry clients.

Chad, Digital Media Specialist and Project Manager

Emma Boucher, Social Media Administrator

Emma leads with curiosity. She has found her passion in writing, making connections with new people and being the todo list destroyer. It could be building furniture, organizing, or content planning. She is your gal.