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Instagram is quickly becoming one of the top social media platforms with over a billion active monthly users. 

Knowing how to increase traffic to your Instagram can be a powerful marketing strategy for reaching more customers, building brand awareness and increasing sales. 

Use these 6 key strategies to drive more traffic to your Instagram! 

1. Hashtags. A hashtag is a symbol (#) you put in front of a word to designate a search term. Adding hashtags to your posts can help people discover your content and drive more traffic to your Instagram. Before adding hashtags to a post, always make sure the hashtags are relevant to your brand and to what you are posting. 

Tip: Before posting a hashtag, first check the popularity of the hashtag. Add a combination of hashtags with varying levels of popularity to reach different audiences.

2. Location Tags. Location tags are displayed at the top of every post once the post has been published. You can also tag locations in your Instagram stories. Location tags are great for finding new customers or brands within a specific geographical area. 

Tip: Take advantage of the location tags by creating a photographable element at your business that is meant for people to take photos and then tag your location. Once this strategy starts to build momentum, people will start to recognize this iconic space and will eventually want to visit your business to take pictures themselves. 

3. Alt Text. Instagram has a feature called “alt text” which allows descriptive text to be added to photos in case the photos don’t load. Alt text can also be used for screen readers, which allows visually impaired users to access your content. Using alt text can expand your content’s discoverability not only on Instagram but also on Google. 

Tip: With a maximum limit of 125 characters, remember to keep your alt text short and to the point. Your alt text should be descriptive to the content and the context of the image. Add a few non-branded keywords but don’t over do it. 

4. Tagging other accounts. When posting a photo, you can tag other Instagram accounts in your post. Let’s say you are at a coffee shop and you post a cool photo of your friend drinking a latte. You can tag the coffee shop’s instagram in your post. This is a perfect way to credit the brand and potentially have the brand reshare your content.

Tip: Depending on what your business sells, ask your followers to tag your Instagram when they are interacting with your product.This gives your brand content to reshare and it also allows your products to get in front of new customers. 

5. Seek out conversations. Engaging in genuine conversations with relevant brands is an effective way to increase traffic to your Instagram. For example, you can ask an open-ended question or give a call to action in the captions on your posts. This will encourage others to respond, which will allow you to continue a dialog with your audience to offer your expertise or to learn from them. 

Tip: Set a timer for an hour a week to research relevant conversations that you can be a part of and add value. When you contribute to a conversation in a genuine way, people will appreciate your insight and you will likely gain new followers. 

6. Boosting your content. When all else fails, you can always pay to boost your content. Boosting your content is a guaranteed way to get more targeted Instagram traffic. When boosting your content, Instagram will allow you to target a very specific demographic of people. Use this feature and specifically target your ideal customer. 

Tip: Run a series of micro-experiments with varying dollar amounts on different days to observe the amount of engagement your boosted content receives. 

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