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What does the future hold for digital marketing? What’s the next step? This is the question that we at Spry ask ourselves every day. We have to, in order to be the best at what we do, and yes, we are the best at what we do.

When we look to the future of digital marketing, we see a great number of things arising. One of the most important is closed groups. Closed groups offer some unique opportunities that other marketing channels lack.

What is a closed group?

Basically, a closed group is a channel that requires an invitation to join, such as a Facebook group or a Slack channel. It allows you to congregate people together that are interested in and want to hear your message.

What does a closed group offer that other digital media channels do not?

Closed groups allow you to have a more intimate and private setting which, in turn, allows the members to be a little more relaxed and casual than they would otherwise be. The other thing closed groups do is promote micro-interactions with your brand. Over time these micro-interactions lead to brand trust. This happens because in these closed groups, the members are discussing and asking questions about the things you specialize in. As you engage in these discussions and answer the questions, the people inquiring begin to trust your brand as an authority on the subject. This leads them to come to you when they require the services you are offering.

How do we know this works?

Spry CEO, Lacey Faught, prepping to teach a digital marketing class through Clark College

As it turns out, we at Spry have been using this strategy for a while now. We are, however, just now starting to see the true potential. For years our CEO, Lacey Faught, used closed groups in her classes teaching at Clark College in Vancouver, WA. It worked well because she could have all the students engaged in discussion not only with her but, more importantly, with each other.

We decided to take this concept to the marketing world. Just like that, SprySpace was born! SprySpace is a closed Facebook group that we use to discuss all things digital marketing. Some of the members are customers and some are not, and that is ok. Even better than OK – it’s actually pretty great.

When we meet someone that expresses interest in digital marketing, we invite them to join. They ask questions and we answer them- yes, for free! This creates those micro-interactions we discussed earlier. Pretty soon, people that were only curious, now see the value in what we do, and they begin to trust our brand. Before you know it, they are hiring us for small projects.

Here at Spry, we are seeing some cool results with this! Closed Groups- give it a try!!

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