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Though we work with social media every single day, it is nice sometimes to take a step back and think about the basics. Some simple truths about these platforms that we all love so much.

  1. Social Media is not a marketing funnel that you can simply turn ON and OFF. It is the building of a community of people who know, like, and trust you and your brand. That takes time, effort, intentionality, and consistency.
  2. No, it can’t be automated. There are lots of different tools out there that technically can automate different aspects of social media management, but there isn’t any technology that can successfully automate true authentic human interaction. And that’s what social media is all about, right?
  3. Know your values. Show your values. People are looking for authentic connection. Why should they trust YOUR brand over any other that shows up in their feed? Explore your brand values, know your brand values, speak of your brand values, and honor them. Be a brand deserving of their trust, and their dollars.
  4. Know your audience. Spend time exploring who and what your ideal audience would be. Who is this person? Give them a name, and job, a family. What are their fears and motivations? And explore why your brand is the best option for fulfilling their needs. In this age of targeted advertising, you can hone in on that specific audience quite effectively.
  5. Experimentation is key. Don’t be afraid to try something new in your feed and your ads. Use the analytics tools to understand what is working for your brand and then steer in that direction. If you find yourself following the same strategy that you were following 6 months or a year ago, you’re probably not being agile enough to the evolution of social media. The landscape is constantly changing. Change with it or you’ll become stale.

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