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Feeling stuck (or dead for the sake of the Halloween season) is such an overwhelming feeling for a social media manager. Especially when you have clients who are depending on your creativity and expertise to create beautiful and engaging content. Sometimes at Spry when we go back and forth between analyzing data and creating content, our brains start to hum and our chests start to tighten, and we just can’t think straight. Knowing that we will never be able to create good content with that buzzing tightening feeling, we’ve developed a few strategies to resurrect our creativity.

Perhaps you’re a social media management phenom and you never get stuck or feel dead with your Facebook account or other social media channels… But if you’re like the rest of us, and you occasionally struggle to breathe life into your content, these 5 ideas can help you get out of the funk and into the creative zone.

5 Ideas to Bring Your Creativity Back to Life

  • Change Physical Locations

There’s something about moving from one physical space to another that injects new, fresh energy into your work.  If you’re at your desk, move to the couch, or to the coffee shop, or outside.  Changing your environment awakens creativity when you’re feeling stuck, so get up, move, and get back to work!

  • Get Back to Basics

When you manage a social media channel for a long period of time, how often do you go back and look at the initial discovery you did for that channel? The personas you created, the goals you established, the brand tone you uncovered.  Weekly?  Monthly?  Probably not.  Maybe your creativity is feeling stuck because you’ve lost track of the parameters you set for yourself in the beginning of the marketing project.  If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at this initial discovery information, do it!  Sometimes reminding yourself of the WHY and WHO you’ve identified for this channel gives you enough structure to start creating great content again.

  • Take a Break

Is it procrastination or is it making space for creativity?  Sometimes it’s hard to tell.  At Spry, though, we honor our body and mind and recognize that at times we will need to get away from work in order to do a better job for ourselves and our clients.  So set a timer for an hour and go for a walk, take a nap, take a bath, have a snack, meditate… whatever you do… don’t think about what you’re trying to accomplish.  Give your mind some space and you’ll be surprised how quickly the creativity comes back after you get back to your task. 

  • Learn Something

Sometimes it helps to put our brain into learning or consumption mode in order to get our creative juices flowing again.  Perhaps you could listen to a podcast, jump into a webinar, watch an educational video.  Learning something new will awaken the part of your brain that remembers how smart you are.  Learn from someone else, then get back to your content.

  •  Brainstorm with Friends / Colleagues

Another thing we like to do at Spry is pull together for a quick, impromptu brainstorming session. As a team, we’re all responsible for different clients’ content but have different levels of familiarity with all of our clients. When one of us gets stuck, we’ll hop onto a group chat and ask for a 5-minute brainstorm session for content ideas. It’s usually a welcome distraction from what the rest of us are doing and yields a good dozen or more new ideas for the person that was stuck.

Do you use any of these strategies to keep your social media content alive and thriving? Or do you have other strategies for doing just that? We’d love to hear about it!