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Spry attended Digital Summit in Portland in June of this year like the good stewards of all things digital media that we are, and as usual, it did not disappoint. During morning workshops, I listened to a lecture on hacking Facebook’s newest algorithm change. Something that we all know in the digital world, is that Facebook feeds off native content. They want you to do what you can to keep users within their platform by upload videos/images, content etc. straight to Facebook, rather than sharing links to outside sources. As digital marketers, this is something we are always trying to balance while meeting our client’s goals.

In this lecture, I was given the idea to post blogs straight to Facebook via “Notes”. Hold up. Wait…. Notes are still a thing on Facebook?? Say whaaaaa? It was in those very early hours of the Digital Summit weekend that I was rejuvenated and excited about the long lost “notes” section on Facebook! This idea sounded brilliant to me, and my first thought (of course), was “will this have some SEO advantages too!?”


My hypothesis is that by posting our blog content directly into Facebook “notes” section, we could produce more engagement and maybe, just maybe, the Facebook Gods would recognize our loyalty and feed it to more of our follower’s newsfeeds. The second layer of this hypothesis is the curiosity of what, if any, SEO affect we might see by putting our content in a second spot.


The whole Spry team got on board with this idea. We used Pacific Surgical Center, Direct Flooring Center, and our own page, Spry Digital Marketing, for this experiment. Take a minute to check a couple of these pages out! The “blog notes” really look stunning!

We posted all our blog content directly into the notes section for two months.



  1. We were able to get some engagement and control the conversation on our notes.
  2. They look beautiful and help legitimize our pages for our new followers with lots of content to browse.


  1. We quickly realized that you cannot boost “notes”. That’s right. Limited to organic engagement only. We all know how difficult this can be in the Facebook world. We even tried a couple clever work-arounds. Turns out Facebook is “more clever-er” and recognized every angle we tried.
  2. If you are looking to convert your website visitors to a mailing list or paying customer, this would be the much harder route to take, of course.


As with all social media, knowing if this method will work is solely dependent on what your goals are. If you are looking strictly to beef up your Facebook page and create opportunities for organic engagements, this method is just the ticket. If your goals are to reach a whole truckload of folks that are interested in your specific target, or making conversions of any sort, probably best to use the good old fashion “link” to your website’s blog. If you do decide to give this method a “go”, don’t forget to change your pages settings so that “notes” show up in your left-side page navigation. It’s not a standard choice anymore.

Have you already tried this or are you enthused to give it a go? Let us know your experience! We would love to chat with ya!