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Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook feed at the end of the day only to realize that you missed out on all the wonderfulness of National Doughnut Day or National Pizza Day or even National Men Make Dinner Day??? I know those are all days that I would love to celebrate.

You and your business can also celebrate these days in fun and engaging ways that will 1) create authentic engagement 2) add variety to your social media accounts 3) your audience will be grateful for having been informed of and 4) will be just plain fun to create.

Many national days are invented by organizations and companies looking to create interest and fill their businesses, but some have roots in various levels of local government proclamations and gained a following as it spread out. And some are just made up by random people.

The National Day Calendar organization has a team that looks over and debates the merit of the 18,000 submissions a year for new days. Only submissions with a unanimous vote are then included.

Using National Days to Promote YOUR Business.

Let’s talk about how you might use some examples of National Days to promote your business.

November 20th – National Absurdity Day

Ask on your social media channels what is the most absurd thing you have ever seen while driving. Or the most absurd thing they have ever eaten. Does a post like this highlight what your business does? No, but I would argue that any time you can get people to engage with you and your brand you are strengthening ties that will lead to increased business.

November 26th – National Cake Day

A health food business could post something along these lines. “Enjoy a delicious piece of cake today for National Cake Day, but you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Pair your cake with this healthy, and tasty micro green sandwich and balance that meal out.” This type of post not only highlights the day but brings attention to your product in a way that makes your audience say, “yeah I want that piece of cake, but I also want that super healthy sandwich. Where can I get it?”

Hunt for Happiness Week – Third full Week in January (1/19 – 1/25/2020)

This could be a super fun week-long campaign that highlights both your business and other ways of finding happiness. Option one could be to post a different product or service that you offer every day that makes you happy, talk about why it makes you happy and then ask your audience to engage with how they would use it or what is something similar that makes them happy.

Option two could be to pick one product and then give hints each day of the week to try to get people to guess what it is. You could write your posts in such a way to trick them into picking other products (so they don’t guess correctly on day one or two) or so they have to go to your website to look and decide what they think it is.

Option three is kind of a grab bag. Vary your posts by featuring your products, but also other authentic things that bring you happiness like a treasured mug, going for a run, that first cup of coffee in the morning, or a really great pair of jeans. Challenge your audience to hunt for something that makes them happy.

Be Selective: Customize Your National Days Content

By being selective and highlighting the days that work best for your brand, you will add dimension to your social media account and have new ways to showcase your product. Take that creative inspiration you just had and go make a plan to engage with your audience.

Below are a few different sites that list National Days, National Weeks, and National Months. Just be aware that not every site has a complete list. Happy creating!!