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They say misery loves company and I feel like we are all experiencing that on a global scale right now. Recently, have you had a bad day and the only thing that really cheers you up is knowing that someone else is having the same bad day? Like, confirmation that you aren’t going crazy.

We have had to lift each other up more than once here at Spry during this pandemic. It took us a hot minute to realize that our jobs were getting harder and harder. At first, we were like “hey world, you’re going to love remote working, it’s amazing” or “No learning curve for us, we’ve been doing this for years” and “Why yes, I know how to do a Zoom meeting” …

But then came the trolls. All the sudden people have more time on their hands than usual, and they’re grumpy. Troll management is one of the reasons our clients love us. We do it, they do not have to worry about it. It’s like having a social media PR firm at the ready.

Eventually though, the increased troll activity starts to drive you bonkers so you must figure out ways to keep up without damaging your soul or throwing a chair across the room (I would never). Rachel on our team gives the great advice of not publishing social media content on Friday – Sunday so that the posts won’t have to be babysat while you are trying to drink some White Claw’s and chill. It’s great advice!

In line with increased troll activity, people are just sensitive in general right now. They’re nitpicky. Looking for every single hint of someone out of compliance with anything at all. It’s hard not to take it personally or start a reply with “Listen here, Karen…” Stay resilient, social media managers. This too shall pass.

Here at Spry, we plan. Three months ahead sometimes. We sit down with our clients once a quarter and go over upcoming Holidays or relative business specific content for the months ahead. We do photoshoots that intentionally represent their brand during the quarter ahead of us. You can often find us taking photos with Easter egg props at the end of December. This pandemic ruined that entire business model. We could no longer share photos of employees working, or people without masks, customers inside buildings or too close to one another.

What we learning from all of this?

Throw away your plans and create a new structure. The old one doesn’t work anymore, and that’s ok. Identify your struggles, make solutions, and create a beautiful new plan.

Have more frequent check ins and meetings with your clients. Changes happen so rapidly that what might be good content one week, would start a firestorm the next.

Work life balance is not as easy as it used to be, but we encourage everyone to take a good long look at their “new normal” and figure out where the shift can be made so you can prevent yourself from handcrafting a foil hat and sitting in a bathtub full of rubber duckies. Adrienne suggests having coffee alone before you start your day and sitting in the peace while being still. Center yourself before the day starts kicking your butt so you have the energy to go “Danielle-Son” on your day if you have to.

There is a global relatability going on right now. We are all experiencing the same tragic world. Although our situations might all be different, we are collectively going through the same disaster that is Covid-19. Because of that, content can come a little easier in the relatability department. Spryte Jessica reminds us that even though we have this awesome relatability factor going on, it is still vital that you stand out. Don’t simply write a blog about working from home, but put your own unique twist on it to stand out among the crowd.

Our fearless leader, Lacey explains that although some clients are noticing a drop in engagement, others are experiencing increased attention to their posts. Due to less travel, school, and work, more people are online looking for a sense of community. A few of the accounts we manage have benefited from this with increased content virality.

Above all, give yourself GRACE. This crap is hard, and we’re feeling it right along with you. You feeling miserable today? We’ll be your company! As social media managers, we spend a lot of time on these platforms and Facebook especially is full of scary, negative, and overwhelming content all day long. We don’t have the luxury of turning it off, and it can wear a person down in a quick hurry. Try to limit your time, put the blinders on, and PUSH THROUGH! It will get better, and we will adapt because we are agile and spry like a fox.