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A fresh new year is here, and while we are constantly measuring and analyzing our own channels over the year, it is a good practice to take a step back and look at the big picture! Here is a little of what our Sprytes are hoping to work on over the upcoming year:


This year, I want to dig deeper into the heart of businesses so I can share the truth about them to people through social media. I also want to do this more for myself and my own business. Photos of holidays and trending topics relate to people on a surface level, and that’s helpful, but there’s a deeper sense of connection you can make when you convey an organization’s heart. That depth of connection only happens when your content is heavily based on the true values of an organization.


For 2020, I intend to work harder at keeping myself accountable to my own brand. It’s a common pitfall for professionals to work so hard for their clients and partners that they forget to follow their own advice or just feel too burnt out from their work to deal with their personal brand workload in their off-time. For me, this manifests as neglected posting schedules, shallow strategy, and all-around less thought towards achieving my own social media goals. My over-arching goal for this year is to take Mosaic Voyage from hobby-level to actual business. We’re going to put pen to paper to formulate a business plan, update our website and blog to allow for income potential, and begin paid advertising through social media to grow our audience. Bi-monthly dedicated time for strategy sessions will keep us on track and focused on our goals.


This year is all about organization! Spry is growing at an exciting pace, with many different types of projects running at the same time, but that means that my daily list of tasks keeps on growing! To keep my mind settled and free, I find that I have to take time every week to organize. Whether it’s spending more time in our project management software, having better time management during the day, or adding all calls and meetings to my calendar, I am investing effort into staying organized so that all the fun that we have planned goes off without a hitch!


As a web developer, I still am a manager of a few social media accounts in my own time and I find it difficult at times to stay consistent with my posting schedule. It seems to me that every time I turn around, I have one of my accounts telling me that I needed a post yesterday. My resolution for 2020 is to pre-plan. In 2019, I struggled to keep my head above water. In 2020, I am going to be better about having my content set up at least a week before the post date so I am not caught off guard by post dates. Pre-planning… it’s the way of the future!!! Literally.


As I am new to social media management I feel like I could have so many goals. The one that keeps pulling me in however is presence. I’d like to learn how to be quicker and more natural in my presence management of accounts and how to balance that presence with being present with my small children at home during the day.


I believe in the power of three and often take a three-pronged approach to problem-solving. For instance, if launching a new website or product, I would think of the social media campaign in three parts: awareness (build-up of new product), engagement (get people talking about new product), and launch (ta-da! Here it is). So, for my Social Media New Year’s resolution, I’m going to use “Three C’s” as my framework.
1.      Courage – I resolve to be braver when it comes to posting content; especially video. I may feel hesitant about posting something, but if it’s in line with strategy, I will take a risk, even if I’m afraid the post won’t get engagement, that someone may troll, or that my idea won’t stick like I’d hoped. As long as I’m taking calculated risks, I can’t go wrong and my confidence will grow.
2.      Consistency – I resolve that once I find my groove on a page, I’m going to keep posting content that resonates with the audience at reliable intervals, using my content calendar. (Peppered with a few courageous posts of course.) This will yield positive results all around.
3.      Compassion – I resolve to stay human in the digital world. When I’m having a bad day, or a client is having a bad day, or an audience member is having a bad day, I will take time to pause before I react. I will practice compassion and not beat myself up, assume the worst, or let a sour post ruin my day. We all need a break, and we all need to take care of each other, even when keyboard ranting is an easy (but sometimes regrettable) outlet. We’re still all real people behind these computer walls.  


Bah Humbug. In truth, I don’t really “do” New Years’ Resolutions. I like to think of myself as a fairly self-aware person and when I am feeling a void in my life, I usually try to analyze it, find the root, and set a goal to overcome it… no matter what day of the year it is. That being said, one thing I have been working on lately is taking the time to be “human” on behalf of my clients on their social channels. Occasionally, the workload can get to be so heavy that we start being very robotic in our content. We do what we can to fulfill our promises to our clients and nothing more because frankly, we run out of time. That robotic behavior, though understood, is frowned upon at Spry. We like to go above and beyond. We like to spend more time on each client’s social channels than we are contracted to do. We firmly believe that is what sets us apart and creates long-lasting relationships with our clients. So, I have been intentionally setting aside time to interact and be “human” on their behalf, even when our contract doesn’t always specify that service. For what it’s worth, I, do hereby resolve to take more time to be present and human on behalf of our clients in the coming year.

What are your goals for your social media strategy in 2020? We really want to hear about it!