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Social Media with Lacey J.

In this episode of Social Media with Lacey J, Lacey, shares valuable insights and strategies that are currently making waves in the world of social media. Let’s dive into the essential takeaways that can help boost your online presence, engagement, and mental well-being in the realm of digital communication.

  1. Partnered Content Blitze
    Collaborate with others to efficiently plan and create a month’s worth of content in a single session. This approach sparks creativity and allows for simultaneous content creation and editing.
  2. Leveraging Facebook Reels for Growth
    Repurpose Instagram Reels by uploading them as original content on Facebook, potentially leveraging Facebook’s algorithmic favoritism towards this post format.
  3. Opting for Longer-Term Ads on Facebook
    Experiment with running ads for a more extended period, adjusting and optimizing them based on performance. Longer-term ads have shown impressive cost-effectiveness and can be a valuable alternative to shorter ad durations.
  4. Presence Management: Engaging with Comments
    Actively respond to comments on your posts to foster genuine connections with your audience, enhancing your online presence and making the most of the purpose of social media: meaningful interactions.
  5. Embrace Nature
    Take time to immerse yourself in nature for its healing and rejuvenating effects. Disconnect from screens and experience the beauty and tranquility that the outdoors offer.