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We totally get it. You paid a small fortune for that beautiful piece of the World Wide Web, it should be perfect and you shouldn’t have to babysit it.

The only problem is that the internet is a fluid Being that moves with the grace of a 24-legged octopus. Data is being traded at lightning speeds and we just can’t guarantee those exchanges are flawless.

There are a myriad of things that can happen to your website while it spins around in the infinite space we call the internet. A couple of the biggest predators of the data scramble are updates to your plugins or even updates to your browsers. Over time, these updates don’t play well with the older code in your plugins and, subsequently, change the way code is displayed to a user. This slows down your page speed, makes your visuals look funny, decreases functionality, and ultimately causes damage to your business.

Audit Your Website Often

Just in case our explanation of how your website gets messy while not being carefully watched is not reason enough to make you pencil in regular website audits, here are 3 more good reasons.

1. A broken or slow website makes you look like an inattentive chump to your potential customers.
2. Google is no longer your fan. As if climbing the ranks in the search engines isn’t hard enough, if your website is not performing properly, Google will miss you or dismiss you. As business owners, we are at the mercy of this gang overlord and we simply cannot afford to be missed or dismissed. No sir.
3. Links will not work properly. This means that links that you or others have shared to your pages over the years will be completely useless. If a link is useless to people, the content it is in becomes invalid too. Years of building up your brand flushed down the toilet.

Website Audits are Important

We suggest a full, professional audit once a year, minimum. However, we strongly encourage clients to get into their website and make sure their plugins are all updated and that everything is still in working order quarterly.

If this is something that is over your head, but we have convinced you of the importance of a website audit, get ahold of us. We know a guy.