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Social Media on Purpose

Join us in our Social Media on Purpose course – where we learn to make our social media efforts more strategic and intentional.

Social Media: Practice what you Preach

Hey there – how are you doing? Feeling? Thinking?  We know it can be hard out there IRL and on the internet. The world is full of tragedy and strife. Companies are seeing PR crisis after PR crisis.  The Internet is ever-evolving.

It is especially hard out there for a business to tread into social media. That’s why we built this course – so you can chart your path with intention and integrity – and never feel caught flat footed online.

In this course, you will learn…

We love social media. We know that when approached with care and intention, beautiful things can happen online.  Strategy, transparency, and follow through are all necessary to make that happen.  In this course you will specifically learn: 

* How to build a social media strategy
* How to plan the strategic pieces ahead of time
* And how to execute on your strategy

Key benefits from this course


With a decade each of professional work and study on social media, communication and the digital world, digital natives Adrienne and Lacey are dynamic guides into an online realm that is magical and also – let’s face it, SCARY.

The benefit of learning from these two professionals is that they live and work with several types of online clients, in a variety of different industries, online every day. When it comes to online trends, memes, TOS impacts, IP news, influencer drama, and features changes, they are on it.

They not only work and play online, but they also come to view their work through the lens of mental health and digital ethics, which are topics internet companies are known to skirt (Ahem, Facebook). We believe that the best way forward is to have a healthy relationship with social media, and that is why we are delighted to have you join us.