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Brewed Awakenings

Case Study: Brewed Awakenings

How Spry helped Brewed Awakenings Increase Overall Brand Awareness, and awareness of products/special drinks/food promotion.

“We are LOVING the graphics and content you’re doing!”

Strategies Used

Monthly content planning that consists of:

  • 1. Learning the current monthly special drinks lineup to be used in content and promotions,
  • 2. Special upcoming events such as a new store opening, and
  • 3. Checking in about competitors’ marketing/advertising strategy. There is monthly goal setting/assessment and a promotions budget for FB and IG ads.


Achieved an Overall Reach Percent Increase of 1172% on Facebook And an Increase of 318% on Instagram.

    Campaign Highlights


    Average Increase in Engagement Across Channels


    Average Growth Rate Across Channels


    Average Reach Increase Across Channels

    By the Numbers

    Campaign Details

    • Time Analyzed: December 2021 – March 2022


    Overall Percent Increase

    • Facebook: 1172%
    • Instagram: 318%

    Page follows baseline/increase

    • Average  Increase: 17%

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