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Thompson Metal Fab

Case Study: Thompson Metal Fab

How Spry helped the Thompson Metal Fab Increase visibility and grow community on LinkedIn with past partners and potential clients to increase overall business revenue.

“I’ve always recognized the importance of social outreach, but was never able to prioritize the time to manage those efforts due to my other responsibilities. Once I committed to looking for outside help I was introduced to Spry and instantly knew this was the right group for me.”

~Michael Moore, Vice President & Business Development, Thompson Metal Fab

“It made me anxious to think that somebody else was going to be speaking on my behalf, but Lacey and her team made the time to get to know me, learn my voice and how I deliver messages, and really authenticate the experience not just for me, but for those who we are connecting with.”

~Michael Moore, Vice President & Business Development, Thompson Metal Fab

“They are diligent about scheduling and executing planning sessions and have made this whole process not just fun, but flawless and worthwhile. I’m continually complimented about our social presence and that outward connection to current and prospective customers is so important.”

~Michael Moore, Vice President & Business Development, Thompson Metal Fab


From July 2019 through April 2022, we increased the Thompson Metal Fab business profile on LinkedIn from 300 followers to over 1,300 followers. In the same timeframe, we increased our client’s personal connections on LinkedIn from less than 1,200 to over 2,100.

    Campaign Highlights

    Clicks on business profile content

    Impressions from business profile content

    Unique visitors to the business profile

    By the Numbers

    Campaign Details

    • Time Analyzed: April 2021 – March 2022


    Personal Connections

    • LinkedIn: 1,200 – 2,100

    Page Follows

    • LinkedIn: 300 – 1300

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