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Social Media For Good

Social media should be a place we feel safe and fulfilled in

Social Media for Good is a concept focused on the human aspect of online interaction. It brings light, knowledge, joy, understanding, and highlights the positive, all while facing the reality of the negative, and working towards improvement.

The three pillars of Social Media For Good

Create valuable content

  • Be truthful
  • Authentic presence
  • Inspire positive action
  • Engage, share, buy

      Prioritize people

      • Facilitate human connection
      • Encourage strong listening
      • Promote diversity, equity and inclusion

          Have a healthy digital life

          • Awareness of own behaviors and device’s agendas
          • Interacting on purpose

          Digital Literacy

          Social media platforms are profit-centered, and because they’re profit centered they cannot be trusted to look out for their members’ wellbeing.  Increasing members’ digital literacy is one of the best ways to improve the impact social media has on our lives.  
          At Spry, we promote digital literacy in all our interactions.  We teach people why the platforms were made, who codes the platforms’ functionality, and which parts of the algorithm they can personally impact to improve their experience.  We also teach people how to find the original source of content they want to share or that triggers them emotionally. This keeps misinformation from spreading as rapidly.
           We foresee a world where people know how the platforms work and make them work for them.  We invite you to see this possible future too, and to work to improve your digital literacy as much as possible.

          Brands We’ve Helped to Use Social Media for Good

          Cascadia Technical Academy

          Cascadia Technical Academy provides students of southwest Washington with the necessary professional skills and technical knowledge to enter high demand occupations with confidence and pride.


          Gorge HR

          Gorge HR provides small and medium sized businesses with the human resource help they need to run a healthy, successful business.


          Hearth and Home Midwiffery

          Hearth & Home Midwifery provides homebirth midwife services and education for having a natural birth to families of all types. They offer and encourage informed choice in all their patient interactions and empower people to have the birth they want.


          Latino Leadership Northwest

          Latino Leadership Northwest creates opportunities for Latino youth to build healthy relationships, advocate for their education, and become proud of the work they do.


          Menomini You

          Menomini yoU is an innovative online language school founded by members of the Menomini Tribe. We assisted them in setting up their online digital ecosystem and gave them the tools and a few pointers to grow and nurture their audience. Now they have a thriving community of students seeking to revive and live their own language.


          Reliable Enterprises

          Reliable Enterprises is a nonprofit in Lewis County that provides a ecosystem of services to vulnerable populations – they help people experiencing homelessnes, they connect people to resources for substance issues, as well as assist families with early childhood education. The resource seeks to bring awareness to the community, and addresses and seeks to remove the stigma of ‘needing help’ because everyone needs help at some point.

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          Thrift store
          Reliable parents Instagram


          Standing Rock’s own energy development company’s singular goal is bringing the means and ownership of energy production back to the People of Standing Rock. Everything they do, (wind farm, solar farm, EV stations for electric cars) is done in consideration of Unci Maka (Mother Earth) and for the seven generations into the future. My work with SAGE enables them to reach and inspire people to do the same in their own regions.



          SELF is a nonprofit that stands for Support for Early Learning and Families, and focuses on birth to kindergarten children. SELF works to bring awareness around the importance of early childhood education and care, and looks to spread awareness on behalf of those most vulnerable – women, children, and families of all backgrounds who might need help finding resources.



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