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SprySpace Membership

For people managing social media

What is the SprySpace Membership?

Our SprySpace Membership provides access to our proven processes and strategies on social media, so that you can show up as your authentic self AS WELL AS utilize social media for business research, product development, and community building. Grow your social media presence within your own niche and cultivate genuine relationships. There will always be a way to throw money at fake connections, but as we’ve learned with decades of experience with social media – there’s no phoning it in. Putting in the work will result in positive results that make you giddy.

Ready to enjoy managing social media?

Here’s what you’ll get with SprySpace

The SprySpace Membership will help you fall in love with social media by:

  • Providing access to our Social Media on Purpose full course (a $250 value)
  • Focused monthly thematic social media skills curriculum, where you’ll confidently be able to put social media strategy into place as well as put specific tactics in action such as social ads, marketing personas, analytics, and social platform features, to grow your community.
    • Our first launch month will be November 2022 focused on annual social media planning, followed by December focused on TikTok, and January focused on annual reporting.
  • Joining our exclusive Discord community where other social media managers ask mundane questions (do hashtags in Facebook matter still?) to emergency questions (remember October 4, 2021 when Facebook was DOWN?) and pivoting strategies (COVID LMAO). Monitored and moderated 5 days per week by Sprytes; professional social media managers and strategists. We love troubleshooting and brainstorming – we’ve seen it all.
  • Monthly writers workshops where we collaborate and support each other with content creation. 
  • Access to a library of up-to-date down and dirty how-to videos of our work – having problems with Meta Business Manager? We’ll create a video about what we’re seeing, and share with you. 
  • Weekly emails to tie all our content together as well as keep you accountable on your social media goals.
  • Upon joining SprySpace we’ll hop on a one-on-one 15 min introductory call with a Spryte where we want to know what YOUR goals are. We want to know your why!
Podcasts, webinars, and blog posts on the go


How do you know if SprySpace is right for you?

  • You feel frazzled yet have the innate *knowledge* that there’s more you can learn from social media, if you just had the time
  • You crave new ideas
  • You’re worried that you might come off as ‘cringe’
  • You’re tired of empty promises on social media education, and wary of ‘experts’ whose content is dated
  • You know your social media could be ‘more’ but you can’t put your finger on how
  • You’ve often thought, ‘If I just had an expert I could actually ASK!’
Come join our little bit -deranged- yet always creative group; SprySpace. 

Who will your mentors be?

Great question!

Adrienne Mills Harvey

Senior Digital Strategist, Spry
  • 13 years in digital marketing
  • Masters in Digital Media from University of Washington
  • Adjunct Professor at SPSCC

Lacey J. Faught

Founder, Spry
  • 13 years in digital marketing
  • Instructor at Clark College
Spry Training in Session

Catch the Vibe

See what people are saying…

I manage social media pages for many organizations.  Adrienne’s expertise helps me feel confident running ads, doing recruitment campaigns, creating content around sensitive topics and so much more.  I’m so grateful for this help I get from Adrienne and Spry.

Amanda Tuttle

Tuttle Design

With the help of Spry, we are succeeding more than we ever thought possible.

Andy Skinner

Development Director, Reliable Enterprises

Since working with Adrienne and Lacey, I’ve gone from creating content the day I post it, to planning a month of content in advance.  It’s such a relief.

Natalie Murphy

Marketing & Digital Media, Precision Countertops